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doffie interior decorating

Interior decorating:

I am lucky to work in the field that is my passion and I love the sense of achievement that is brings to my day. The most satisfying thing is to hear that my client is thrilled with the end result. That they feel it is just what they wanted and are also feeling very much at home in the space (wether it be a room, office or whole home)


My job is to draw out what sometimes the client has not formed into words or images yet. I seek to interpret and gather into a format what they can express in ideas and taste, as to what their style is. Wether it encompasses modern, classical, antique or rustic. This can sometimes work best if  “homework doffie style”  is involved which can be a scrap book of lots of different things that have caught their eye in magazines etc.etc. Then giving a  wide selective perspective at the start of the process I seek to add value and pull it all together into a clear and specific plan. I listen and then I source. Thereby saving time for you in your busy schedule of work and or family. Consistently being respective of the budget we have set in place.  All of this is done with a down to earth, warm attitude.


The ultimate goal being that we can achieve the very best end result for you. Once the plan is right I place orders and track  them frequently giving updates to my clients as things progress.  While keeping in mind your schedules and busyness of work and children.  One of the other important things I seek to always keep in mind is the flow through of the home and a theme that can be blended throughout. For example, even if it is a child’s bean bag or table and chairs, that often end up moved around the different rooms. I look to design them so they are working with the layout of the home with its overall look and colours.  My flair for decorating and my ability to visualise an end product/style/theme will be of benefit. With the ultimate goal being that I can achieve the very best end result for you.


I do believe good interior design and finishing touches add value to your property but also give you a sense  of contentment. It then allows you to be free to enjoy the experience and ambience of your home with your family and friends.

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Décor Services:

  • Interior decorating and styling including colour selections, fabric, room murals and wallpapers, furniture and other finishing touches
  • Shopping for the client and finding for the right feature pieces
  • Curtain, blinds and all window treatments making and fitting
  • Bedding and soft furnishings made to order
  • Hand painting existing and new furniture with accents to consolidate a theme
  • Styling and re arranging existing rooms and their décor, Home makeovers.


Décor consultancy steps:

Firstly a home visit is vital, to see (or a look at visuals if the client lives outside of the metro area ) the room sizes and the layout. Home building plans are helpful but some visual content is always best. This gives me a feel straight away and I find once I have been to a location or seen extensive pictures, I can always visualise it even years later. This initial consult  is personal to your requirements and will be priced to accommodate your needs. In the initial appointment which is generally an hour and a half of time, I can do some measurements for window treatments and also we can begin selections of colours, fabrics and wallpapers etc. To assist with this we would have a chat first on the phone so I can bring some samples with me that may work for you. There is no obligation past this first consultation but if you are happy for me to go forward with the decorating I would make a plan to suit your tastes and budget. You can choose the level of engagement you require from the first consult to full décor of a single room or your whole home. No job is too small.

Then I set out for you what I feel we need to do together to achieve a satisfying end result. I know I can achieve a lot and I work efficiently as I manage each step. Personal testimonials from clients of mine over many years are always on hand to give you both reassurance and a reference.