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doffie childrens’ rooms

It is an interesting job to choose a theme with both the child and the parent for the little persons room. Sometimes it just comes easy because the child however young has shown an interest in a particular theme. Whether for example for a boy its boats, planes and trucks etc. Or maybe is into the things in his world that go “Broom broom”. One such story is of such a child whose mother found that for her son a great outing was to take either morning or afternoon tea to a work site and sit in the car and just watch the men in trucks and diggers etc going about the business of building……The Ah Ha! Was right there that a theme of transport was the “go” definitely for his room. Also when she ordered some china for him, it was in the same theme which had a smiling digger full of yellow sand with his name alongside. You couldn’t get the smile off his face. Ha! Other times the theme may evolve from the mother who always wanted the pink fairy theme for her precious daughter that she herself had dreamed of as a little girl but hadn’t got to have. So then we go all out to express this theme with style, castle and sparkles.

A dream is a wish your heart makes…