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We now have to this date a feeling of “PHEW we have arrived!”, climbed Mt. Everest and survived…ha!   Another fitting thought is (if you can picture this with us) we have sat our first level of a major exam that has resulted in us getting an “A” .  There are no red pen marks glaring from the page.  The next opening, but first ever, doffie online store is here.  Thankyou in the anticipation of you coming through the doors with us and we hope you enjoy the experience and find yet more treasures.  Doffie makes continuous jokes when she has been able to laugh at the process as being a good barrier to her getting Alzheimer’s. Her grey matter has been greatly challenged along the way.  So sound all horns, help us fly balloons and streamers if not yell from the tallest of buildings, as we celebrate with both a sense of being naive and clever!!  We offer old fashioned help and flexibility with the convenience of an online store.  We have saved some beautiful new products to be launched along with this site.  Doffie also offers bespoke items online and shares with you some of our amazing interior decorating jobs that we have done in the past.